Whether relating to Total Quality Management, medical instrumentation, legal patents or inflatable mattresses, we handle all assignments with the same care, dedication and expertise. Here are just some a few examples of what we have accomplished for our clients over the past 35 years.


Translation and typesetting of a 1,400 page onboard manual into French in 6 weeks which the French equivalent of the FAA highly praised for its quality and accuracy.


Preparation of all documentation, from contracts to technical data sheets and test reports, relating to collaboration between American, French, German, Italian and Japanese car manufacturers.


Translation and software localization for large computer companies as well as for computerized equipment manufacturers. Translation of all user manuals and software packaging as well.


Translation in only 5 months of 7,800 pages of highly technical documentation. Our client was so pleased with the technical accuracy and quality of the translations that he referred us to other divisions. Soon, we were translating for 20 individuals in 11 divisions spread among 5 states.


Routinely translating for 17 years surgical instructions and all the packaging inserts into French, German, Italian and Spanish for the leading vascular prosthesis manufacturer. Production of 20 manuals in 4 languages within one month for a medical instrumentation company in order to meet the then new European Community requirements.


Translation of patents and patent applications for corporate attorneys as well as for the largest law firms in the country. Working for 65 attorneys of a single law firm. Reputation based on our understanding the importance of punctuation and our pointing out any ambiguities found in the text.


Production of 7,600 pages of O&M manuals and even the speech our Secretary of State delivered in Algeria at the inauguration of the Earth Station for telecommunications by satellite. Within 3 years following this project, Transtek provided translation in a variety of languages to 42 program managers, in 7 states, within 10 divisions of this telecommunications giant.


In 2 years, translation of over 2 million words into Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. The facilitators were very impressed when they received manuals socio-culturally adapted to their individual countries, written in a most pleasing style and flawlessly formatted.


Translation and localization of entire websites, supplying “web-ready” html files, with all codes, tags and links left perfectly intact. Translated websites range from the Lasik eye surgery site to a food stamp eligibility site to the corporate values program of one of the biggest search engines in the world.

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