Quality requires the constant dedication of professionals working together, always striving to excel and delight their client.

We retain our excellent reputation for quality by following 9 basic steps on every assignment. When working under “impossible” deadlines, Transtek works around the clock rather than short-cut any of the following 9 steps:

  1. Listen to and understand your needs
  2. Careful evaluation of your subject matter and selection of the translator most experienced in your field
  3. Translation by an expert translator, selected from a global network of translators for their experience and native fluency in your target language
  4. Thorough editing done by native speakers
  5. Formatting following your instructions
  6. Proofreading
  7. Checking of all numbers and of correct positioning of graphics and callouts
  8. Corrections
  9. Final proofreading and inspection of graphics

Our objective is to do the right thing the very first time so you can relax. Transtek will consistently meet or exceed your expectations for quality, accuracy and dependability.  We like to call it the Transtek Difference and it makes your company—and you—look good!