Transtek is not an electronic translation mill relying solely on overtaxed editors to patch documents hopelessly mistranslated by insensate translation programs. Instead, we

  • focus on your needs
  • do not hesitate to clarify even minor points with you so as to do the right thing right the very first time
  • have the translators prepare an electronic database/memory of translations to help maintain consistency in terminology
  • have a world-wide network of translators which guarantees that today’s idiomatic expressions and the latest terminology are used in your translations
  • regularly update our equipment and software for full compatibility with your desktop publishing and typesetting equipment
  • assign one person to follow your order through, eliminating misinterpretation of your instructions

We work closely with you, becoming part of your team. We want you to be more than satisfied… we want you delighted!


Transtek was founded in 1964 to provide leading U.S. and multinational corporations with truly meaningful and accurate translations. Keeping in mind the fact that one communicates ideas, not just words, the founders recruited both foreign and U.S. born translators — technical, legal, medical, scientific, and financial experts.

Transtek searched the globe and selected only those people who could combine their native fluency and expertise with that uncanny ability to create meaningful and accurate translations. We pride ourselves on always using humans to provide translations, not unreliable machine translation programs.


We are constantly updating our files which allows us to keep abreast of emerging technologies and meet the needs of an ever-progressive industry. We know that your image overseas, be it in written form, localized software programs or websites, is crucial to the success of your business. The quality of the translation is a reflection of the quality of your business. Therefore we produce it with the utmost care, never taking shortcuts in our quality control procedures.

We are more than just a “Translation agency” – we are a full-service, client-oriented, foreign language publication center. We are ready to work with you as a part of your team and fully capable of providing you with all the support you need for your international projects, from start to finish.

Contact us and experience the Transtek Difference for yourself!